In 30 days I’ll be 40!  It’s here.  I can’t believe it.  My Mom doesn’t want to believe it.  It’s one of those markers that means different things to different people, but somehow we all have our say about what 40 “is”.

I’ve been running through ideas to challenge myself with the number 40 starting in the New Year.

this image is from a google search and may be “unhype” is the artist?

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40 Days of Yoga (followed by 40 days of Kim not doing yoga)

40 Ways to Find Your Fortune After Forty

You know, just trying to find away to celebrate the big 4-0.

So while most of this has been going on in my head, I realized that the best way for me to deal with flushing it out is to WRITE.

And lo and behold, I just found a way to celebrate the end of my 30’s –

<insert electronic background music, preferably “Father Figure” by George Michaels>

A 30 Day Blog Challenge.  Does anything say “celebration” more than committing to shackle myself publically to my blog every day of December 2012?  Actually, no.

Writing defined a huge part of who I was when I was younger.  Between the ages of 11 and 22 I wrote journal after journal and story after story.  Poems peeked out of my heart in high school and college that helped me unravel who I was.  I took a semester off of college to write.  And since those 60 pages of personal philosophy roared out of me…crickets.

I always get ideas for things to write and jot them down, keep folders on my computer and even have a book idea I am writing with a friend.  It’s just…writing stopped feeling like something I needed to do.

However, daily writing and expression are knocking on my heart lately.  “Turn within”, they say.  “Your Writer is waking up”.

Challenging myself with daily blogging is like brewing a fresh pot of coffee for the Writer in me.  My office got cleaned out to prepare for my in-laws in October, but now I see my office was being prepared for the Writer to have a place to go when she finally rolls out of her bed, out of her 18 year slumber.

I’m going to be sharing the Animal Medicines I call in for grounding and opening my chakras, how to stand tall while searching through your family roots and the art of bright, magical living!