1. Each day is here for us to uncover more about ourselves, reach out to each other and unleash more love into the world! We might not get to drop all of our defenses in one day – that can be freaking scary 🙂

    But what if we nudge our hearts and ask of ourselves ~

    Sharing Jar, Kristen Holmberg

    “No matter what comes my way or how I feel, I want to FIND OUT who I am if I unleash more of the love inside of me”

    There is love swirling all around us and we can always open up to more of it. Yet, as I look around my community and the world, the biggest untapped resource of love is quietly and patiently waiting inside of each of us. Covered with loneliness, self-doubt and blame is the beautiful, throbbing light of love. Does it ever feel like that to you?

    Instead of waiting for love to come our way, we can uncork some of the stuck love inside of us! What in the world are we waiting for anyway?

    Sending a huge round of applause and a standing ovation to your thriving life!