In the past month I’ve begun adding drawing and coloring to my meditation practice. We see this custom throughout the history of art, slipping into a flow and becoming an empty vessel to the creative forces. From cave paintings to the illuminated gospels of monks to individual artists throughout time – it is a beautiful tradition.

Turtle Meditation

Turtle Meditation

Here is a Turtle from my journal. I was meditating on Turtle Medicine to raise a feeling of safety for my Root Chakra.  Turtle has many gifts of magic.  One of them is to help us with grounding, as they have walked the Earth for 300 million years.

As Turtle is in sync with the ground, she also is a master of the water.  Our emotional reactions to our lives can sometimes create a flare in our Root Chakras.  These flares ignite fear and our sense of safety is put into question.  Am I alone?  How will I survive?  Our Root Chakras ask these very basic questions and we can feel “shaken to the core”.  Turtle travels between Earth and water with ease.  As I followed the wisdom of this, I began to weave more light between my Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra, creating more safety in experiencing my emotions while remaining grounded.

Turtle also reminds us to SLOW DOWN.  We all know we could use more of this!  Letting go of the rush, the race, the desire to always move as fast as our thoughts.

Working with Turtle also brings us the image of what natural protection looks like. The Turtle’s shell is a boundary that does not require fangs or claws.  Turtle opted to protect itself without damaging another.  This is very sustainable energy medicine for our Root Chakras.  In comparison, Turtle would feel too heavy for our Psychic Eye; Humming bird would be a great meditation animal for that!

I’m not a great artiste, but the relaxation of engaging the right side of my brain is delicious. I let myself sit for two hours and complete this Turtle. Talk about permission for some self-care!I encourage you to whip out some colored pencils and let your Inner Child slay that Mind Dragon ~