The Year of The Lovers isn’t about adoration, champagne & hot sex all year long.

Grumble.  The Lovers Thoth

But wait! Don’t stop reading!  There is so much good that’s gonna go down!

The Lovers brings all of our relationships to the table.  No matter how deeply you are in love with your partner or how ready you are to finally meet them, there’s one relationship that is standing up and saying “Let’s do this!”

It’s You and You.  The relationship you have with yourself in it’s divine, sparkly awesomeness is ready to bask in Love.

Ok, I know what just happened to some of you… a sinking heart,  a desire to run screaming or a sudden need to check facebook?

“Haven’t I done enough work on myself?”

Well here is the fabulous news ~ The Lovers ask us to love ourselves, but the WAY this card works is through Innocence.

If you are going to do more work on yourself this year – make sure it is FUN, CHILDLIKE and full of CURIOSITY.

THAT is why this year should be full of surprises!  Because your mind and your planning and your cavernous self-doubt are not the ones to light the passage to more softness towards yourself this year.


Over and over again this year, you will be asked to be in your relations with your divine integrity.  You will begin to feel more integrated, as your mind follows your heart.  It doesn’t end there.  As our minds see our hearts making positive change in our lives — our mind wants to jump into the game too.  A larger sense of trusting yourself will emerge.

Yes, all of your relations are up for renewal and some of these may come with cobwebs and painful memories.

Try this visualization to move the energy of your relations:

Imagine you and your most difficult relation are 800 years in the future.  You are beyond the knotted karma that may currently exist.  You are in a life time as brother and sister who love and support each other and are not in competition.  Really feel into your heart, how it feels to be in easy relation with that person. As your heart expands, allow that love to flow into your entire body.  Now, let a ball of golden candle light erupt from 800 years in the future and cross through time.  See this light covering the whole planet and circling back into your heart.  Take in this knowing that there is only love for you in the future and allow that seed to begin to grow now.

Email me with how you plan to play this year!

Enjoying life with Every Turn,