Full Blue Moon ~

Tonight open your heart to receiving! As the Full Blue Moon appears in our lives it brings the gifts we prayed for before the Full Sturgeon Moon at the beginning of August. Release the threads of disbelief that hover over your heart.

Abundance is yours! Whether you have prayed for more love, sturdier health, or even sweet silence ~ today and tonight you must allow yourself to RECEIVE those wishes.

Use visualizations that feel simple and powerful to you ~


A lake filling up with clear rain water*
A flower opening its petals fully to the sun*
The warmth of a hearth fire reaching out and bringing warmth to every cell within you*
Standing at the sea shore and feeling the gorgeous salty wind enveloping you*

When it comes to imagery, there are no hard and fast rules.  Use what feels right today.  You may find next month, you go into a more detailed picture of the same visuals or something completely new pops into your imagination.
Above all have fun and a beautiful weeekend ~
To your thriving life,