Cosmic Waterlily by Abstractartangel

People often ask me, “What does each color mean?”

While there are some general definitions of color (Red = “passion”, etc) I always look for the QUALITY of the color within people’s auras and chakras.

For example ~ A yellow vibrating at the quality of a sunflower is completely different than a yellow that is vibrating at the color of snot. Right? To read yellow as “power” would short change the true energetic message.

As you read colors within your own space, slow down and begin to sense tone and quality.Sometimes my clients get discouraged when they sense a flat or dull color within their space. This is opportunity to heal yourself!

Raise the vibration of the flat colors to their jewel tones or the brightest natural version of that color that comes to you.  I really love this mandala image, as it shows such beautiful jewel tones!

Gray ~ shiny Silver
Swampy Greens ~ choose anything from new Green leaves to Emerald
Dark Brown ~ play with moving it to the tone of fresh Brown soil or brightening it to a deep Amber
Bruises ~ Unwind into 3 distinct layers of Ruby, Sapphire and Amethyst

Our vocabulary of color anchors our relationship to our energy bodies.  Enlarge your color vocabulary by noticing more individual colors while you are out on walks.  How does the green on a Eucalyptus tree differ from a Bay Laurel?  Tree bark offers us a lot of tones for healthy Brown tones.  Flowers are a wonderful source for color, as our moods usually brighten at the sight of them!

To your thriving life!