Sagittarius Sound Healing

Sagittarius, by Steel Eyes

Take a moment and ask yourself, “What are my goals?”

For many of us, our answer, our Truth, is quickly surrounded by stories about why our goals haven’t been achieved, who’s in our way, or how money might not be available if we went after them.  Sometimes those stories take up so much space that we become unclear about what our goals or desires are.  We may begin to warp our goals to match our friends’ achievements or what we see on tv.  Do you know anyone who has drifted towards collecting job titles, education credentials, or material distractions or habits?

There is a myth that the more we have going on in our lives the more powerful we are.  We draw in the cyclone of More to clumsily show that we are “doing something” with our lives, or have something to show for ourselves.  The energy of Sagittarius beautifully shoots the eye out of multi-tasking.  The true power of the Archer is the ability to exist in a world of plenty (the abundance of Jupiter), tune out the distractions and remain clear-sighted about our heart’s desires and goals.  Going after what we truly want in life is WHAT WE ARE MEANT TO DO.

While sitting in meditation use the imagery of the archer.  Set your goal out in front of you.  You might want to imagine a field between you and your goal.  Feel how your body responds to seeing your goal.  Really focus on what you want.  Become single minded.

Some of you may want to imagine using a bow and arrow to strike your goal.  For others, especially if finding your lover is your goal, imagine yourself floating across the field and softly landing in front of your goal, or partner.  Sagittarius has the strength of keeping our visions and goals insight.

While we’ve all witnessed a Sagittarius getting distracted, watch for when they actually want something.  You will see how focus and levity truly work together.