Do you want to know the fastest ways to reduce stress for yourself?

It’s so simple and every Life Coach, Doctor, Yoga Guru, and Nutritionist will tell you the same thing!

Get more A.W.E. into your life ~ Air, Water and Exercise!

Fresh Air

  AIR ~  Take it in.  Let it out.  Breathe.

Have you ever noticed yourself holding your breath?  Sometimes we hold onto our breath as we are sorting through the things on our mind or hurrying to get more items off of our to-do lists.  Holding our breath, or even shallow breathing, can lead to a sense of anxiety and lends to cloudy thinking.  Now who really needs more anxiety just to vacuum the carpet faster?

When we take deeper inhales and even longer exhales we switch on our parasympathetic nervous system.  Breathing down into our diaphragms signals our bodies to relax and helps us release chemicals like serotonin.  Did you know serotonin coursing through our bodies gives us that sense of well-being we are so often wishing for?

Take a BREATHING BREAK a few times a day and your body will deliver stress-reduction on command.

Ahhh, Water

WATER ~ Your Mama may not have told you to drink enough water, but my esthetician Kim Pfabe** doesn’t stop telling me!

Whether you are doing it for your skin or quenching your thirst, water is probably the most healing medicine on our planet.

How much water should we drink in a day?  Most nutritionists agree with this formula –

Take the value of your weight, for example 150 (150 pounds)
Divide it by 2 = 75 and turn that into ounces!
So if  you weigh 150 pounds you should drink 75 ounces of water day.

Keeping our bodies hydrated is one of the most overlooked chapters in our bodies’ Owner Manual.  Wait, you didn’t get one?  Yeah, what’s up with that?

Well, here’s the deal – A well-hydrated body can remove toxins more easily, feels more energized and experiences more satisfying sleep.

Yes! Planting celery with your dog counts as exercise!

EXERCISE ~ Anyone who knows me can vouch that I am the UN-exerciser.  I also enjoy making up words 🙂

I am NOT going to tell you to get to the gym every day, shed those last few pounds or beg you to do yoga with me!  If I do, then please check the back of my neck to see if I have been overtaken by an alien.

BUT even though exercise is my personal #1 resistance spot, I am going to suggest that you:

*Take a walk each day
*Move your body in a way that excites YOU
*Put on some music and dance like a 12 year old!  My vote: Edge of Heaven by Wham

When you feel like your head is about to explode from stress and you can’t remember the top 10 transformational exercises to help get you centered….

Take a deep breath, stand up and take a walk to get yourself some water.

I promise you will feel better when you live with more A.W.E.!

Love and Joy,


**Kim Pfabe takes care of skin unlike anyone I’ve ever met!  Check her out >