Happy Holidays to everyone!

Our surprise to my in-laws!

We are out in Pennsylvania celebrating the holidays with my husband’s family. It’s cold and I love it!

I am a Winter-baby, New Year’s Eve baby to be exact. ┬áThis is my time of year and my mind, body and spirit always seem to clear up and focus.

Do you ever notice these feelings around your own birthday?

*Your chest feeling warm and full
*You find things a little bit funnier
*Mental clarity and certainty
*More physical energy
*The possibilities of your life seem obvious instead of overwhelming

As you were preparing to come into the world, your powers of manifestation were on HIGH. Whether you were helping orchestrate the right doctors and midwives to help you, vibrating courage to your mother or helping her cab driver maneuver traffic – YOU were ON!

Take a moment and look at the calendar. Highlight the week before your birthday. When that week rolls around take note of your feelings leading up to your birthday. Tap into your raw program of manifestation.

You are a vivid creator everyday! Enjoy the rest of 2011 and have a BRILLIANT NEW YEAR!

All my love,