Moon Seed, Kristen Holmberg

Every week and sometimes every day, I encourage my clients to become comfortable with being vulnerable; let down their shields and watch how little time fear takes up when they can let themselves stay in the moment.

Recently, I noticed that I hadn’t really taken on a challenge that would keep me in my vulnerability in quite some time.  So when my dear friend, Zoe Galvez, sent out an invitation to her Intro to Improv class – I signed right up before I could get scared!

Tonight I am giving myself the gift of Play!  My intentions for class are to loosen up my mind and create plenty of opportunities to get scared, laugh at myself and stay vulnerable in the moment!

Have an incredible day and consider this ~ Are you willing to “not know everything” today?  Will you let vulnerability in for at least 30 minutes?  Breathe… I know you can do it!