Tree color painting copyWe use our power to hold ourselves back, to contract from pain, to prevent hearing negative feedback from other people. These muscles get developed from all of the effort we put into “NO”.

How much effort do you put into “YES”? You may clench your jaw, grunt or break out into a sweat..and that’s ok! Your “YES” muscles might not get used as much.

Every choice we make adds to our growth. Our power responds to to the requests of our minds & hearts. Hide from pain – you got it! Throw caution to the wind – how far?

What if we experiment with saying “YES” more often in 2013? What if we become equally strong in our response to life?

Wouldn’t self-care boundaries be easier? Wouldn’t taking bold moves with our life purpose become easier?

I think so! Let’s play together and see!

Enjoying Life at Every Turn,