The Fire Belly Chronicles & Dave Dahl

This week so many of us are deeply reflecting on our society.  How do we protect children?  How do we help people who feel isolated?

Here is an inspiring interview with Dave Dahl, the owner of Dave’s Killer Bread in Oregon.

Dave Dahl

Dave Dahl

He was someone who experienced deep depression & isolation and landed himself in jail.  Now?  He’s the owner of a successful business.

We need to learn about people like Dave to know that transformations are real.

Shelly Roby’s new website The Fire Belly Chronicles shares Dave’s story at an important time in all of our stories.

This video will add some light to your day, Enjoy!

Watch it here:

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I have the good fortune of working with Shelly Roby throughout the year.  She is truly a bright light who is dedicated  to keeping the creative forces within all of us lit and vibrant!