Amanda Elo'esh

“I had a HUGE breakthrough around money: I’ve been working really hard to clean up my money crap (internal and external: clearing old limiting beliefs, clearing debt . . .) and even though I’ve been doing this work for years, I could still feel some straggling bits. I went to see Kim Forcina and she plucked the last little bit out of me. I could actually feel it go. Over the next two days, I made over $5000 dollars.”

Amanda Elo’Esh, Founder of Living  Wisdom School



Author and Publicity Portraits on Location in Montecito and Santa Barbara“Working with Kim Forcina is a deep journey inward where old hurts & pains can be released and new hopes, dreams and intentions get created. My time with Kim allowed me to get to the root of my issue, find resolution, fuel my inspired creativity and move forward with grace & ease. Kim is one of the most grounded well balanced coaches that I have worked with, she creates a safe space and container for her work that allowing for healing. From there, its an upward journey towards greater possibilities in one’s life and living as a more expanded version of YOU. I recommend Kim without hesitation.”

Aleesa Daley, Founder of Everyday Happy, Executive Life Coach, Kundalini Instructor & Managing Technology Partner


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“Kim Forcina is an absolute pleasure to work with.  She has an uncanny ability to “see” who I am at my core, and uses her remarkable insight, intuition, and ability to see the truth to help me heal any areas of my life that need healing.  I also feel more confident and secure in every area of my life, and especially in knowing that I can access my own intuition.  Because of her encouragement and caring, I’m no longer afraid to let my light shine in the world.  She truly is a master! ”

Valentina Galante, Life Coach and Founder of KickAss Joy





Christina-Ardemis“After every session with Kim, I had a greater awareness of how I was in the world and how I chose to let things affect me. In every session no matter what we were doing or working on, whether it was guided meditation, Energy work, or Business coaching; I always walked away with something useful. I felt more in control of the things I could be in control of, and definitely more relaxed about everything that I couldn’t be in control of.

With the meditation and energy work, Kim opened up a whole new world that I didn’t know existed for me. I was excited about possibility and all the new experiences I was having. I certainly feel more at ease now and so much more powerful as a person. My desire to have a higher level of communion with myself has really come into being as I worked with Kim.

My entire life has changed (quit my job, started my own business) and I am continuing into the future with confidence and clarity. I have to say that almost daily now, I am reminded of some tool or technique Kim has taught me and I am able to put it into action for myself. I am no longer drowning in stress, confusion or blame.

I am able to carry myself through my day and business, with grace and conviction as to who I am, and not be swayed by anyone’s choices but my own. In the past, that would not have been an easy feat for me. It’s no problem now. Thank you Kim!!!!”

~ Christina Ardemis, Ardemis Organizing

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“With Kim’s constant support, wisdom and sound advice, I am building the life of my dreams. Under Kim’s guidance, I have been able to focus on what really feeds my soul and nourishes my spirit.”

~ Danielle Coulter, Outdoor Space Happy-Maker and Owner of Collecting Flowers





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“Kim is a force to be reckoned with. Her healing skills go far beyond anything I have ever experienced during an energy healing. Her coaching and visualization during the sound healing take it to a completely different level – you will be healed in ways you never thought possible! After the session, I was energized, relieved and refreshed. I knew that from my cells to all my chakras, I was a new woman! You are truly blessed if you receive a session from Kim and when you do, you will not be disappointed.”
~ Chris Y.


pink lotus yellow center“The best way i can describe Kim’s work is that it’s a profound journey back to your own frequency.  For me, it felt like I was re-set to my most natural…most powerful state.  It allowed me to feel what it is to completely own the space around me in a way I’ve never felt before. She lights the way and then gives you your own flashlight to move forward.  Kim is an extremely gifted and generous healer with an intuitive ability to see and work with subtle energies from a holistic approach.  It is truly a gift to work with her!”
~ Gina L.


purple lilies“Through the help of Kim’s guided visualization, her innate intuition, energy work and beautiful talent, she awoke a part of my body and spirit that needed a reawakening, and me wasn’t happy with me.   At first, every inch of my body started to tingle and I felt giddy, like a first kiss.   What happened next was undeniable as my upper body started to weigh heavy and I almost felt someone was holding a heavy mask on my face.  My body was talking to me.  What surfaced for me was year’s worth of potential therapy.  I have felt happier, more alive and awake and most importantly….more grounded.    I am so thankful to Kim for reawakening a part of me that so needed and deserves to be alive.” ~ Shawna P.