Rose quartz at its very core helps us transmit and experience our emotions in a safe way.  Its power is in its gentle consistency.  As we often surround difficult emotions with defenses, rose quartz placed on our bodies or held in our hands, will help move the energy away that is protecting those deep feelings.

When people have clarity with their emotions rose quartz holds space for them to step into new possibilities.  Rose quartz unwinds the energy of fear.  If you are sensitive to energy you might notice the release of the blocks looks like snow falling away from the stone and into the center of the Earth.

Rose quartz is aligned with our hearts.  To begin working with this stone, first check in with your intuition and the

Rose Quartz charging in the sunshine with flowering Rosemary

movement of your heart chakra.  Chakras should always be moving.  Hold your hand over your own heart and close your eyes.  Imagine a clock within you and see 12 at your head and 6 at your feet.  Allow yourself to feel the energy of your heart chakra and open up to your intuition.

Which way is it moving?

If you are having a hard time sensing a direction, it might be stuck…imagine it moving clockwise and see energy releasing from your chest.  If you have any feeling of forcing…imagine your heart chakra moving counter-clockwise.  You will find as soon as you choose the movement that is “right” for you in the moment, your heart chakra will start MOVING.

Lay down in a comfortable spot and place the rose quartz directly over your heart chakra.  Take a few deep breaths, allowing your exhales to be a bit longer than your inhales to create a state of relaxation for your body.  It is time to set an intention of working with the stone.  Name your struggle if you know it.  Maybe ask for release of negative emotions or deeper self-acceptance.  Set an intention that gives you a feeling of “yes” or freedom.

Creating sacred space for your energy body and physical body is a gentle way to complete or unwind feelings of things being “wrong”.  Holding the stone, imagine any energy that is not serving you to rise up out of your heart chakra and into the rose quartz.  Also imagine a cord of light coming out of the back of your heart chakra, through your home, below the city you are in and grounding into the center of Earth.

Rose quartz is an ally for your heart’s song.  You may see moments of your childhood or other times in your life when your feelings were powerful and un-repress-able.  Those images help remind you of the possibilities when you are coming from your heart.

Relax.  Breathe.  Let yourself feel.  Let the wisdom of your Spirit and Rose Quartz work together.  Keep breathing.

When do you know you are done for the day?  Some of you may fall asleep!  If it is your first time working with crystal healings, allow for at least 20 minutes for your heart chakra opening.  For those of us who work with our energy bodies on a regular basis – it can be 10 to 60 minutes.  Timing will be personal and change often.

It is important to clean stones after energy work.  To cleanse your stone, pour water over it and place it in a bowl outside.  Sometimes I add a little rock salt or sprigs of rosemary, too.  The rose quartz just needs to be sitting in water, not submerged.  Leaving it in the sun or rain for 3 hours will recharge it.  Overnight re-charges are great too, but rose quartz needs some of that time to be in daylight.