Unfolding Gold

Connecting with your Creativity ~ Money, Sex & Power

Often we get stuck within the ideas of money, sex and power ~ Do I have enough?  Am I wanted?  Does anyone really see me?

Connecting with your Creativity ~ Money, Sex and Power is three private two hour sessions focusing on clearing the energy in your Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras.

There is deep beauty within the first 3 chakras of our energy bodies; they connect us with the Earth and our families, bring our dreams into reality and are our source of physical and spiritual power.  We will dive into the core of potentially unconscious patterns that may be keeping you feeling as if you are unable to transform and thrive in these areas.  We will work with guided visualization to move the energy in your chakras, allowing you to own your money, sex and power and flip those cares into security, creativity and self-empowerment!  

3 Two hour sessions

Before each scheduled session I will send you questions to help you focus in on any patterns you are ready shift away from.

You are welcome to record the visualizations in each session.


Opening to Abundance


Giving and Receiving Energy ~ Love, Truth, Imagination & Wholeness

We talk, we listen, we love, we find our flow and sometimes this life makes sense!  And then….sometimes….living feels like trying to carry water in your hands.

What if you knew how to release negative energy from your space and diffuse the static?  What if you believed your intuition more than your fears?

In this 3 part series we will raise your vibrations through your upper chakras of the  Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown and the layers of your Aura.  The circulation of acceptance through your energy body will bring in relaxation and anchor your sense of well-being.  We will also practice giving and receiving energy to yourself and others, without feeling drained!

3 Two hour sessions

Before each scheduled session I will send you questions to help discover patterns you are ready to shift away from.

You are welcome to record the visualizations in each session.


Spiritual Awareness 

Energy Connection

We each experience empathy, intuition and clairvoyance to different degrees.  This class will provide you with tools to actively sense your Aura fields and Spirit Body, own your personal space and tap into the energy that is flowing through you right now.  You will learn how to become more comfortable with receiving information and transforming energy that may not be serving you.  Each session will include active meditation and visualization work.  Continuing Spiritual Awareness One one One blends customized coaching with energy work. Each session  is customized to your strengths, interest and energy.  I also share my knowledge of herbs and essential oils that deepen spiritual opening.  My intention is for you to heighten your awareness of the vibrations and light that surround and flow through you.  You will learn about:

  • Personal Power & the Higher Self, Visualizing, Grounding with the Earth
  • Chakra & Aura Balancing, the Power in your Hands
  • The Flow of the Spirit Body
  • Personal Space: Receiving, Allowing & Protection

Foundation: 8 hours.  You are welcome to schedule this in 60, 90 or 120 minute sessions.
Need to check in, tune up, create a plan or focus on a particular subject?  90 minute Open sessions are available.

To book your sessions email Kim at kim@kaleidoscopespirit.com or call 415-320-5448