“Connecting with your Creativity ~ Money, Sex & Power”

Unfolding Gold

Often we get stuck within the ideas of money, sex and power ~ Do I have enough?  Am I wanted?  Does anyone really see me? “Connecting with your Creativity ~ Money, Sex and Power” is three private two hour sessions focusing on clearing the energy in your Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. There is deep beauty within the first 3 chakras of our energy bodies; they connect us with the Earth and our families, bring our dreams into reality and are our source of physical and spiritual power.  We will dive into the core of potentially unconscious patterns that may be keeping you feeling as if you are unable to transform and thrive in these areas.  We will work with guided visualization to move the energy in your chakras, allowing you to own your money, sex and power and flip those cares into security, creativity and self-empowerment!