There’s this guy in my neighborhood that is in love with his car.

He’s out there on the street washing it, waxing it and keeping it in amazing condition.

Sometimes he’s out there under the hood. It’s not just about keeping that outer glow… he really tends to all the parts of the car – inside and out. He even wears coveralls like a true technician, even though I can’t imagine there’s a spot of oil to be found.

I can tell he’s totally into caring for it! The energy of dedication and focus bounce off of him.

Last week he set up a huge umbrella over the car. At first I thought he wanted to protect it, but then realized it’s so he could work on it even as the weather is heating up here in Northern California.

Not even the heat is going to get in the way of him tuning up his ride.

Maybe you’ve got one of these guys in your neighborhood? Maybe you roll your eyes because it’s such a “guy thing” or maybe you look at his car and think, “ooooh, I would be SO into it if that was my car.”

So why has this guy grabbed my attention the last 6 months?

Because his car is a Ford Focus.

It’s not a Ferrari, or a Porsche, or a vintage muscle car.

It’s not even a giant work truck screaming, “Look at my bad-ass truck”!

And this is why I love this guy.
He’s not waiting for a car that’s cool or a jaw-dropper.

HE’S NOT HOLDING OUT on his Ford Focus.

He’s loving was he has right now.

And this really moves me.

As I’ve tried to understand why he makes such an impact on me (after I get past stereotypes about status and gender) – I’ve boiled it down to a question:

Is there something in our lives that we are waiting to love and take care of?

It might look, sound, taste, feel or smell like one of these:

* When the kids are older I will finishing writing my novel
* When I’m done with this stressful project I’ll stop drinking 3 lattes a day
* When I go on vacation I will relax
* When I have enough money I will be better at tracking my money
* When I lose these last 10 pounds I will take care of the new clothes I buy
* When I get out of this job I will listen to my intuition all of the time
* When my partner starts attending to me more I will share more of my heart

This question is really about pushing open our perception of our capacity & waking up to giving loving attention to what is right in front of us.

Without waiting for things to be perfect or even better could you….

* Find 4 hours a week to work on your novel?
* Enjoy 1 latte, a green tea and a lot more water a day?
* Find 20 minutes a day to be quiet?
* Start tracking your spending or hire someone to track your spending?
* Give away clothes that do not fit anymore, mend items in the evening as a way to relax   and give your closet some attention?
* Take pause every time your intuition comes up – truly listen to it and don’t shove it away?
* Become softer and kinder to your partner?

Share with me what this stirs up for you… what in your life needs more loving attention? I am happy to hear from you and believe in your capacity to fully embrace everything that is showing up in your life!

With Love and a ShamWow ~