Light Gathering
A Summer Solstice Healing Journey

is a FREE Energy Activation & Healing Visualization

During this 60 minute journey you will be lead through an

energy clearing to call back your energy from the first part of this year.

  Then we will go into a deep healing to honor and open up your Solar Plexus — your inner Sun — and

connect the threads of light and power throughout your body, mind, emotions and Spirit.

It’s time to allow the light within you to bring forth

healing, self-acceptance, joy and Divine presence into your life.

Summer is a time of ripening.

All of the intentions we put forth in Winter took root and sprouted in the Spring.

While Summer is an easy time to create, we do not need to be forceful… everything has already been set into motion.

Just as you know to pass by those early blackberries for a few more weeks… allow your dreams more time to expand and get juicy!


The relationship between the Sun and the Earth is the foundation for life as we know it.

With a prayer for openness, true passion, honoring all life & room for everyone to stand in their power ~

Love and light,