Have you ever had a BRIGHT IDEA?

Did you fantasize about it?  Get excited and start imagining how it will affect other people?  Did you imagine your new office with a view or your in-depth interview with Oprah?

Has that excitement ever taken a nose-dive off a cliff….

Into the valley of ~

“I could never really pull that off”
“Someone else is probably doing that”
“I must not really be passionate about that idea otherwise I would really do it this time”

And there you are, walking in the Valley of DIMMING MY IDEA, feeling a little lost and tracking all the ways your BRIGHT IDEA wouldn’t really work.

Has this happened to you?  It has happened to me more times than I can count.  My imaginary books have been on Oprah book club lists for years!

Our minds love to solve problems; that’s what they do!  While your mind was just involved in creating your BRIGHT IDEA, it then moved on to more problems to solve.  But this doesn’t feel good and begins to cloud our excitement, and cloud our next steps. 

The missing piece for most of us is supporting the BRIGHT IDEA regardless of what road blocks our minds begin to play for us.


Here is what you can do to support your BRIGHT IDEA:

*GIVE IT SPACE ~ Walt Disney had a system for his creative process.  He separated his actions into 3 iconic positions:






He allowed the Dreamer to play, imagine, blow his ideas up as big as they could go!

He then became the Executive that looked at all of dreams and created a plan to make them happen.

And then, bless Walt Disney’s brilliance, he became the Judge and began to look at what parts of the Executive’s plan would work and what needed to go back to the drawing board.

He would never let the Judge critique the Dreamer.

When you chip at your dreams, they don’t have time to settle into reality.

When you give space for your dreams, your creations, they can occupy space and continue to grow.

I believe you are full of BRIGHT IDEAS that the world is waiting for!

Dream Big. Take Action. Share Your Inspirations!

Love and light,


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