Moonseed, Kristen Holmberg

Winter is a magical and complex time.  We are affected by so many experiences.  The shorter days affect our moods, the holidays bring up everything from joy to overwhelm and the New Year often pokes at us into asking some serious questions about our life.

And that’s just the first 12 days!

In Winter the rhythm of our lives change and we spend more time inside savoring the warmth – you may find yourself wanting to eat and sleep earlier.  There’s a part of us that may relish the chance to slow down and have some solitude.  Even if you live in a warm climate (hello Floridians!) the shorter days are still telling your brain “it’s Winter”.

Nature is asking us to go within and honor our reserves.

And yet Traditions are asking us to extend ourselves and expend our resources.

There are expectations to travel, gather, socialize, spend money, and maybe even have a good time when you don’t feel like it.  None of these things are inherently wrong… but is it any wonder why we feel overwhelmed during “the most wonderful time of the year”?   We are being pulled in two very different directions.  Ok, anyone who just thought “pffft – more like 10 directions” – I completely agree.

This is why I’ve created the Illuminations Series ~ 21 Visualizations for Sacred Renewal – to offer you a chance every day, for 21 days, to have some time to nourish your inner world.  To go within and honor yourself and to reconnect with the sacredness of your inner light.

Already feel like this is for you? 


This is a FREE audio series and it couldn’t be more simple – each day a link to a new visualization will be emailed to your inbox.

We will begin on Friday, December 19th to acknowledge the last days of Autumn and call back our energy from 2014.  Over these 21 days we will also cross through several days of Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice and New Moon, Christmas, The New Year and a Full Moon.  It’s the perfect 21 days to give to yourself the gift of presence.  It’s time for you to be with spirit… with quiet… to touch into the deepest parts of who you are.

Each visualization will be less than 30 minutes – allowing you the time and space to go within…. and have a little sanctuary.

Many of these visualizations are inspired by the natural world.  You’ll find yourself taping into Animal and Plant Medicine as well as bigger themes such as Letting Go, Self-Love, Creative Resurgence and Manifestation.

What if this Winter you felt more balanced?
What if you laughed from your belly at your company holiday party – even before having eggnog?
What if you actually enjoyed shopping and wrapping gifts?
What if you saw the longer nights as a way to connect more deeply with your family and friends?

Can visualization a day really do that?

Yeah… it can.  And it’s not always the words.  It’s really the time you take for yourself.  When was the last time you gave yourself even 15 minutes a day to just receive and go within to touch upon your spirit?

Isn’t that one of the reasons the holidays feel so “fake” sometimes?  We run around shopping, baking, shuttling kids, squeezing in card writing, maybe church and temple and give a lot of energy outwards.

What if we took a lesson from a deciduous tree and looked at Winter as a time to tap deeply into our roots and to be present with our strength?

When we give to others and we don’t take time for ourselves or spend too much time with our energy flowing out…. we become like that empty crock pot of mulled wine… people try looking to us to juice them up, but really all we’ve got left is a puckery orange with a bunch of cloves in it.  And yes, I mean we get grumpy and lose the sight of the playfulness of the Winter.

Because really….
When else does everyone make snow angels?  Or sand angels you snowbirds 🙂
Or put lights all over their house?
Or sing songs to strangers?
Or sneak around and create little surprises?
Or get to hear George Michael’s “Last Christmas” 4 times a day?

Winter is an AMAZING time to celebrate and acknowledge where the past year has taken us jump into the magic of creating something new.

Join us and slip back into child-like belief and move forward with alighted purpose ~

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Please share this with anyone you feel could use a little sanctuary to start of this Winter!

Wishing you the very best days and nights to follow ~

With love and light,