I am part of a Circle of women committed to opening up more to the Divine Feminine.  These days are an oasis for me.  I rejuvenate on every level and crave the sweet silence woven with the sounds of our voices.  Unwinding hurt, unveiling strength through learning, sharing and guiding.  My renewed creativity was born in this practice.

High Priestess Thoth deck

Today we are working with the High Priestess.  As a Tarot reader for over 20 years, I’ve appreciated her power, her stance to accept all that is.

The High Priestess reflects light and has no fear of the darkness.  She works with sacred reflections; mirroring.  In meditation last night, I dipped into the open space, the channels, between Spirit and Soul to learn more about these reflections.  I saw that this sacred mirroring is represented in our DNA & RNA.

Through this active reflection, the High Priestess walked into my awareness as the Living Priestess.

Our bodies are the matter we confuse with total reality ~ this is her veil.  Yet the veil is not a dirty curtain that needs to be torn down.  This veil dances with Earth’s gravity and holds enough water in place that we have a body through which to grow and learn and create anew.

The High Priestess also represents our inner voice and inner vision.  We often blunt our voice when we sense something dark, or fear that our vision will only pick up dark things.  In our current culture, we still carry old ideas of what vision is.  In tribal times, there often was one Visionary who occupied the spiritual travel and sacrifices for his or her band of people.  We look onto these ancient holy people with reverence.

And yet their is a polarizing tension that resides in our sub-conscious.  We yearn for lives where spirituality is honored and nostalgically wish a Priestess or Spirit Walker was on speed-dial.  Yet we also resent that someone else “knows”. 

Inner Voice, Osho Zen deck

Many people try and break this spell by working with their clairvoyance and ultimately come across this left-0ver energy: Responsibility of Visions.

Your Vision, your Imagination, the Third Eye, is not living in those old times.  It yearns to have the blinders removed!  Not to know when every earthquake is about to happen or when love may be leaving us.  Our vision wants to be a part of our creative process, to dance every day with our desires.

Our Inner Voice gives guidance as we travel the River of Life.  It wishes to sing out your unique manifestation of the Divine.  A noose, a gag, our own hands need to be removed from our throats.  Our intuition needs more freedom, so that it is easy to distinguish from our fears.

If you open up to your Inner Vision, or Inner Voice, you do not need to take on the old responsibility of the tribe.  We EACH provide energy for this now.  Your clairvoyance is healing, not because you know all the answers.  It is healing because you are not lugging around blinders and limiting yourself.

The Living Priestess travels through our cells, through the veil and opens up all of our channels.

How will you open up to her?