Spiritual Awareness

We each experience empathy, intuition and clairvoyance to different degrees.  The Spiritual Awareness work teaches you tools to actively sense your energy fields and Spirit Body, own your personal space and tap into the power that is flowing through you right now.  You will learn how to become more comfortable with receiving information and transforming energy that may not be serving you.  Each session will include active meditation and visualization work.  Spiritual Awareness blends customized coaching with energy work. Each session  is customized to your strengths, interests and energy.  I also share my knowledge of herbs and essential oils that deepen spiritual opening.  My intention is for you to heighten your awareness of the vibrations and light that surround and flow through you.  You will master:

  • Personal Power & the Higher Self, Visualizing, Grounding with the Earth
  • Chakra & Aura Balancing, the Power in your Hands
  • The Flow of the Spirit Body
  • Personal Space: Receiving, Allowing & Protection

Foundation: 8 hours.

For appointments, consultations and questions ~
Kim Forcina

Sessions are available at The Marin Awareness Center in San Rafael, California.  My office is accessible by stairs. Please contact me if you require a session to happen at your home.  Gift certificates are available for purchase.

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