Death, Rebirth & Transformation ~ Celebrating Scorpio Tarot Special!

Scorpio is Passion, Emotion and Spirit.  During the 10th sign of the zodiac, our longing for a life of the senses and true Spiritual communion hold hands at last!  Fall pleasures our senses with vibrant colors and smells, has us protecting our selves with fire, and connecting with our deep emotions and desires as the nights become longer. It is during Scorpio that we celebrate Halloween, All Saints Day and the Day of the Dead.  Halloween allows us to be child-like and dramatic, while creating who we are going to be.  Think about every costume you have ever worn….it probably held power that you wanted or made you laugh (even if no else did!), right?  Feeling power or humor, we begin to re-design ourselves and re-distribute how dark and light interplays within our private world.   This transformation will continue through New Year’ Eve, when Capricorn asks us to crystallize as New.

On All Saints Day and the Day of the Dead we celebrate those who have come before us.  You may find it easier to experience the grace of those you have lost without the stress of missing them.  It is time to thank those who gave us our skeletons and discovered how to build closets.  Let the Spirits know you are shedding light into your dark corners so that humanity can continue to grow and change.

October 29th through November 21st, I am offering an Energetic Scorpio Tarot Special.  Take a deep look into your creativity and desire.  What transformations are you ready for?  How can Passion help you override your limits?  This is a reading for everyone, not just our sexy Scorpio sisters and brothers!

1 hour Celebrating Scorpio Tarot Reading Special ~ $80/Regularly $100

1 ½ hour Celebrating Scorpio Tarot Reading with Aura Balancing Special ~ $130/Regularly $150

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