Dam, What Am I Doing?

Are you dreaming of stretching yourself in a new direction this year, but having trouble staying in action?
Nothing is quite as inspiring as the energy we get from imagining something new for our lives.  We see this new thing happening.  We feel it unfolding from within us.  Relaxation and focus come together in a big “Yes!”.  We feel UNSTOPPABLE.  It feels so good that we want this feeling to be with us every moment of our journey.
You don’t need me to tell you – the feeling doesn’t stay around forever!

Instead of recognizing that we need to stick with the work it takes for our dreams to become reality, we worry about what it means when that feeling of inspiration is gone.

Drumroll…. This is where a lot of us get stuck: missing the high and then wondering, “Maybe that wasn’t what I was supposed to do”.  Somehow our sense of freedom gets ruffled and alerts us – “Hey, if you’re unhappy in the mini-moment, imagine how you’ll feel in a year…you sure you want to do this?”

Have you been here?  I have…countless times!  It’s hard to stay in action when we are questioning ourselves.  It creates stagnation in our projects, in our relationships and most annoyingly with our sense of purpose.

And then there are those moments of clarity when we know we are the only thing standing in our way.  <insert scream here!>

Discouraged by feeling polarized, we throw our arms up in the air and ask “WHAT AM I DOING?”

Medicine Cards, Sams & Carson

Medicine Cards, Sams & Carson

Tapping into Beaver Medicine can help us.  Beavers are truly the artists in the animal kingdom, each year creating dams and adding to their living sculptures in protection and service to the well-being of their colony.  Sharp teeth contrast with a spatula flat tail, but both are amazing tools used to make their dams and lodges.  Beavers don’t feel funny about patting down mud with their tails; they use every part of themselves as a resource for creation. 

Did you know that Beavers are hiding leaves under their dams so that they know where to find food as the seasons change?  They also make sure to add more branches than necessary because they know Moose will come and help themselves to the Beavers hearty bounty.

Beaver Medicine asks us to look closely at the wisdom of planning for imperfection.

If you were to look at the dams that block woodland streams you would find several entrances and exits.  In building its home, Beaver always leaves itself many alternative escape routes. This practice is a lesson to all of us not to paint ourselves into corners.  If we eliminate our alternatives, we dam the flow of experience in our lives.  A doer is characterized by industriousness, and Beaver knows that limitation cancels productivity.” – excerpt Medicine Cards, Sams and Carson 1988

Take a moment and ask yourself these three questions:

·      Can I do my work in a way that creates more nourishment than I may ever need?
·      Will I honor my gifts and use them as resources and not take them for granted?
·      Can I create my dream so that there is room to swim in and out of it & still trust that is will hold together?

If the answer to any of those questions is No, take the time to write down what it would take to turn it into a Yes for you.

Lastly, Beaver Medicine takes up room.  It changes the environment and makes no bones about it.  Are you willing to let your dreams be seen?

You’ll be leaving your mark on the world by bringing your amazing genius into reality.  When those moments of doubt creep in, slow down to breathe and return to the questions above.  Build up your lodge and plan for imperfection, just like Beaver.

When it comes to living your life, you’ve got to give a dam.

Ooh, couldn’t help that!

Sending extra mud for your big dreams ~