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The Marin Awareness Center is BORN


Hello Everyone!

Big news!  Kaleidoscope Spirit is expanding and moving!

I’m teaming up with Jenna Chandler, of Clarity and Connection, to form the Marin Awareness Center at 1930 4th Street in San Rafael.  Our new space allows us to see clients and host intimate workshops under one roof!  I will be expanding my offers to include regular classes & you will still get the one on one magical sound healings and holistic coaching sessions you have responded so well to.

Jenna Chandler is an amazing NVC practitioner and conflict resolution specialist.  Check out her offers here:  We were introduced at a dinner party 6 months ago and it turns out we share a lot of the same dreams about connection, sharing and creating in the world around us.

I want to THANK everyone who has been a part of Kaleidoscope Spirit growing into this next step.  When I am with you, I share your passion to create the life you want.  What you might not realize is that you are also sharing in creating my life.   Often I leave my space after a day of sessions and feel high and humbled at the same time.  It is my Spirit’s purpose to help other’s feel safe, dream for themselves and create more love in the world.  It is also my path to allow self-expression to flow freely from my Soul.  At times this takes my breath away…

Today, I’m staring out at the vista of what is possible and every part of me is vibrating, “YES”!

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Love & Dreams,

Every Day Herbs & Aromatherapy Workshop ~ December 5th, 2010

Every Day Herbs & Aromatherapy Workshop

Have you ever wanted to know more about healing with plants or creating organic gifts, but haven’t known where to start?  This is a great class for anyone who has looked through an herb book and felt like they were reading another language!

Kaleidoscope Spirit is offering this 1 day workshop just in time for the Holidays and the Winter cold season.  You will learn how to bring common herbs and healing essential oils into your life to promote health, beauty and wellness.  We will create herbal infused oils and get all gooey!  We will have an Aromatherapy lab to experience gorgeous essential oils and discover what lifts our moods!  We will diffuse the mysteries of infusions, decoctions, salves, scrubs and tinctures!

Your senses will be engaged by smelling, touching and tasting dry and fresh herbs.  We will be creating Lavender Salt Scrubs, Rose infused Oil, Calendula Spray & Comfrey Salve for you to take home. On top of what we create in class, you will receive extra recipes for your beauty needs, tips on avoiding colds from co-workers and how to make your own organic cough syrup when your cube-mate has already infected you.

I am really excited to share my knowledge of herbs and essential oils with you!  This is a passion for me and I hope to infuse you with the knowledge of how to bring the magic of plants into your lives.

Calendula Up Close

Every Day Herbs & Aromatherapy Workshop
When: December 5th 11:00am – 4:00pm
Where: Oakland ~ Lake Merrit/Grand Theater Area, private address will be given to registrants
Cost: $100 ~ includes materials for take home items and print-outs.  A $50 deposit is required to confirm your registered spot.
How: Please call or send me an email to register for class. or 415-307-4622

This is a small group, hands-on workshop  – so feel free to dig in and ask a lot of questions!  We will provide tea, water, fruits and nuts, so please bring a light lunch for yourself for our mid-day break.

Rosemary ~ Reconnect to your breath

It can happen anytime of year…your head begins to ache, your throat scratches and the next thing you know you feel like your eyes are sinking back into your skull.  Most of the time a flood of mucus is running out of your face.  It’s a fantastic process that feels best when you don’t have to go to work and can moan and roll around in bed.  Whether you have the flu or a common cold and get through it with over the counter medicine, herbs or sheer will power – at some point you get that feeling….a glimpse at your real healthy self.  Your head clears, math seems possible again and you crave a big meal.  This is the time to bring Rosemary into your healing process.  It helps you breathe easier and engages your sense of well-being.

Rosemary can help with colds and flus at the beginning or the end of your ride with the roller coaster of your immune system.  If you wake up with a phlegmy throat and feel a cold is coming on you can try to head it off by drinking Rosemary tea throughout the day.  It helps dry out your lungs and your nasal passages.  This has worked, but I have the best results at the end of a cold.  Haven’t you heard countless people say, “Ugh, this cold just won’t go away”?  Those lingering symptoms often keep us feeling less than 100% and prolonging our vision of ourselves as not whole.  Rosemary works best with my body after I am “better” –  just functional and back to work.  I spray 3 squirts of Rosemary Hydrosol into my mouth in the mornings and this alleviates those drips and coughs within a few days that can sometimes linger for 2 more week

I home distill hydrosols, but you can get the same results by using tea or essential oils.

Rosemary tea for drips and never ending coughs:
Pour just boiled water over 2 fresh rosemary stems
Drink when warm

Rosemary spray created with essential oils:
Use 15 drops per 2 ounces of distilled water
Spray bottles can usually be found in health food stores or online.  I like if you need to buy in bulk.  You can also buy single bottles  Try to keep your sprays in glass bottles.  Another alternative is to check out your local beauty supply store.  They may not have a 2 or 4 ounce size, but Rosemary essential oil is fantastic for your scalp and hair – so go ahead and make a larger amount, you will use it.

The best thing about Rosemary is – it’s everywhere!  On my little street there is some growing in front of almost every house.  It grows upright and in a hanging form.  The hanging Rosemary usually has small, light purple flowers and shorter leaves.  Luckily we have a flowering Rosemary in our backyard and my parents have an epic non-flowering bush at their house that I clip from every time we are there.  If you don’t have access to a plant, your grocery store probably has fresh cuttings for sale.

What about when you are well?  Rosemary is a mood brightener and can help bring you into the present moment.  I often put a sprig of Rosemary into the water I drink during the day to open up my lungs and with more oxygen comes more focus.  It is incredibly giving of it’s medicine and can be brought into teas used for magic and prayer.  I also recommend laying down a small bed of freshly cut Rosemary and laying your Quartz crystals on top for an intense clearing.  You will see an incredibly grounded vibration off of them that is different from a Sun cleaning.

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