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Sound Healing for Two ~


In honor of Valentines Day, Kim & Brent are offering Couples Sound Healing Sessions!

Do you want to feel more connected to your partner?  Sometimes the world takes us away from the one person we are closest to.

Receive a unique blend of healing sounds as called in by Kim & Brent.  Heal your connection to the Divine, each other and all your relationships.

Leave your distractions at the door & become immersed in Sacred Sound.

Location: 1930 4th Street, Suite 201, San Rafael, California
Cost: $250 in San Rafael office or $300 for a session in your home within the Bay Area
Session length: 75 minutes * Purchase here

Purchase your session before February 14th, 2013 and receive it anytime that works for you.

Please email Brent or Kim for scheduling and questions.

Brent Johnson uses an eclectic mix of sacred, indigenous instruments from Peru and all over the world as his tools for healing; giving and receiving sound and information directly from Spirit.
Learn more about Brent’s work here:




Kim rings tuning forks over and within your energy field to allow the vibrations of your being to flow freely. Stagnant energy begin to shift to a higher vibration and you are able to relax into a place of deep healing.
Click the Sound Healing tab above to learn more about this work.

The Growth of “YES”

Tree color painting copyWe use our power to hold ourselves back, to contract from pain, to prevent hearing negative feedback from other people. These muscles get developed from all of the effort we put into “NO”.

How much effort do you put into “YES”? You may clench your jaw, grunt or break out into a sweat..and that’s ok! Your “YES” muscles might not get used as much.

Every choice we make adds to our growth. Our power responds to to the requests of our minds & hearts. Hide from pain – you got it! Throw caution to the wind – how far?

What if we experiment with saying “YES” more often in 2013? What if we become equally strong in our response to life?

Wouldn’t self-care boundaries be easier? Wouldn’t taking bold moves with our life purpose become easier?

I think so! Let’s play together and see!

Enjoying Life at Every Turn,


Full Moon in Leo ~

Marci Mandala

Mandala, Jenna Chandler – I Am LIfe Designs

Full Moon in Leo ~ Wolf Moon

Full Moon in Leo asks up to make a stand for what moves us.  While our Spirits celebrated the light within us during Cancer Moon, we are now called to share this light with others.

Imagine yourself in your Sun in Capricorn workshop – loving to experiment with all of your talents.  Making this, making that.

Now take that favorite thing you made (whether it’s plan, a recipe, an invention or a homemade spice rack) and walk out with your Proud Leo Moon into the Sun in Aquarius world.

“Look what I did!” we can exclaim.

Show off your creative imagination with other people.  Also be receptive to the creativity in others – later this month when we move into Pisces there may be a good opportunity to work together.

Remember to share your creativity, not your ego’s need to be well received.  No one said anything about perfection here!


Tonight is also called the Wolf Moon.  Wolf is the great Teacher.  Wolf uses its voice for expression.  Deeper than words, Her song is emotional as She calls to the Moon.  Singing, chanting or using instruments (if you plan on prayer this evening) will help balance release and expansion.

Every blessing ~Kim

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