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Knowing yourself and laughter go hand in hand…

The Awareness Workshop has ARRIVED!

Are you a sensitive to energy?  Do you have a hunch that you are capable of more consciousness in your daily life?  We each experience empathy, intuition and clairvoyance to different degrees.  This workshop will provide you with tools to actively sense your Aura fields and Spirit Body, own your personal space and tap into the energy that is flowing through you right now.  You will learn how to become more comfortable with receiving information and transforming energy that may not be serving you.  Each class will include active meditation and visualization work.  My intention is for you to heighten your awareness of the vibrations and light that surround and flow through you.

Group Classes ~ 4 week Series in downtown San Rafael
Saturdays 10:30am to 12:30pm ~ October 23 & 30, November 6 & 13th

  • Personal Power & the Higher Self, Visualizing, Grounding with the Earth
  • Chakra & Aura Balancing, the Power in your Hands
  • The Flow of the Spirit Body
  • Personal Space: Receiving, Allowing & Protection

$250 ~ Registration and confirmation of a spot in class is required.  Full payment will be accepted at the first class by check or cash & credit card payments can be arranged through Paypal by October 21st.

Email or call 415-307-4622 to register!

PLAYING THE SCALES ~ A Special Libra Session

Playing the Scales ~ A Special Libra Session!

September 24th through October 23rd ~

Is there Justice in Relationships?  Can Love transcend Class?

While we are under the influence of Libra we often experience an overload of questions, concerns and struggle to come to conclusions.  Polarities, desire for harmony and honestly calling out for partnership all ramble and weave their way through our consciousness.  Libra and the Scales ask us to take the time to balance ourselves and then look for answers.  In the Tarot, Justice (Adjustment) is shown blind-folded while she finds the answers to our questions.  Take the time this year to find out what a balance between your heart and mind feels like.  Often they feel like two lawyers arguing over your life, but what if you could listen to them both from a place of balance?

This month’s Special will include a clearing of the neurovascular points on your skull, aiding the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout your body.  A Sacred Sound Healing will follow, focusing on calming and releasing judgment and bringing more balance and love into your space.  Rose quartz and Moonstone will be used to gently open up mental defenses and ease any transformations you are ready for.  Essential oils will anoint the ankles, wrists and head of those who wish to incorporate them into their session.

Playing the Scales ~ A Special Libra Session

$125 ~ 90 minutes

Look out ~ Intuitive Awareness Workshops coming in October!

HARVESTING JUPITER~ Sound Healing through September 20th

*Harvesting Jupiter* Sound Healing

Right now Jupiter is finding the way to its closest point to Earth on September 20th. This planet brings with it more laughter and abundance!

Our Solar System's Biggest Planet - Jupiter

Jupiter represents our ability to attract our desires (it has 63 moons), experience happiness and benevolently honor our ability to affect others.  Through September 20th I am offering a very special “Harvesting Jupiter” Sound Healing.  This healing will ring with joy!

One of the experiences in a Sound Healing is to hear and feel the vibration of two individual tuning forks, the combination of which creates a third, new vibration.  This harmony serves to engage both the right and left sides of your brain.  The more we allow the two sides our brains to work together; we experience a clearer mind, more physical agility and an improved sense of well being.

The Harvesting Jupiter Sound Healing will incorporate the mineral Selenite to bring in joy from your Higher Self.  Rainbow Jasper will be placed over your Solar Plexus to tap into your freedom to dream.   Common Citrine & Quartz will be used to increase your capacity to allow joy into your life.  Holy Basil, Tarragon and Lavender essential oils also complement this treatment.

Harvesting Jupiter Sound Healing

Special price $125 ~ 90 minutes

I hope you are all ready to harvest more joy for yourselves – you deserve every bit of it!

Warmth and happiness,


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