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The Marin Awareness Center is BORN


Hello Everyone!

Big news!  Kaleidoscope Spirit is expanding and moving!

I’m teaming up with Jenna Chandler, of Clarity and Connection, to form the Marin Awareness Center at 1930 4th Street in San Rafael.  Our new space allows us to see clients and host intimate workshops under one roof!  I will be expanding my offers to include regular classes & you will still get the one on one magical sound healings and holistic coaching sessions you have responded so well to.

Jenna Chandler is an amazing NVC practitioner and conflict resolution specialist.  Check out her offers here:  We were introduced at a dinner party 6 months ago and it turns out we share a lot of the same dreams about connection, sharing and creating in the world around us.

I want to THANK everyone who has been a part of Kaleidoscope Spirit growing into this next step.  When I am with you, I share your passion to create the life you want.  What you might not realize is that you are also sharing in creating my life.   Often I leave my space after a day of sessions and feel high and humbled at the same time.  It is my Spirit’s purpose to help other’s feel safe, dream for themselves and create more love in the world.  It is also my path to allow self-expression to flow freely from my Soul.  At times this takes my breath away…

Today, I’m staring out at the vista of what is possible and every part of me is vibrating, “YES”!

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We’ll be sending out announcements of classes and workshops soon!

Love & Dreams,

The Sound of Spring

Come and experience a Sound Healing! Through May 14, 2011 receive a 90  minute session for the price of a 60 minute session: $120!

We are each a web of light and sound, vibrating and radiating, giving off and receiving  energy.  When we are ‘out of sync’, Sound Healing is a gentle and profound way to bring  harmony to our Body, Mind and Spirit.  

At Kaleidoscope Spirit, I use tuning forks as a  healing tool to allow the vibrations of your being to complete themselves.  When your  energy is flowing freely the forks vibrate over your body. As the forks move over blocked,  stagnant or twisted energy they stop ringing.   Imagine listening to your favorite album  with the bass turned off…it is not a satisfying experience, but that is how most of us are  walking around!  

Sound healing also engages the left and right sides of your brain to communicate with each other, helping to you feel more relaxed and present. Clients often feel their bodies “wake up”, while also experiencing aches and pains subsiding.  

The sessions are specifically tailored to what is moving through your life.  Different crystals and minerals will be placed over your chakras to stimulate clearing and radiance.  Sound Healing also leads to a fuller integration of other healing modalities such as Therapy, Coaching, Body Work or Spiritual Transformation & Prayer.  Essential oils and guided visualization are  incorporated into Sound Healing sessions.
Email to book your appointment or call to find out how a Sound Healing would work for you: 415-320-5448.

There are many different ways sound is incorporated into healing. There are long traditions of using drums, music, crystal bowls, and chanting for healing all throughout the world.  Voicing song, mantras or primordial sounds will begin to clear your energy and you can try this for yourself right now.  Many years ago I found “my” note.  This is one sound that comes from me that makes me feel perfectly alive and in complete connection with my Spirit. I had been thinking about how children feel when they are being sung to and wondered if there wasn’t a song inside of me that I wanted to hear.  So I just opened my mouth and pushed air out of my lungs until this gorgeous feeling washed over me!  Waves of light, heat and clarity moved through me, so I just let this note keep erupting from me until I ran out of breath.  Then I did it again!  To this day I use ‘my’ note to center myself, feel at peace and sometimes to “up” my energy, as it quickly lights up my Spirit.

Are you open to finding your note?  Go to a place where you will not worry about anyone hearing you.  Close your eyes, take a deep breath and then release it with sound.  Allow your throat to stay open and move the note up or down, until you find the one that overtakes you.  You may find that you are ‘hungry’ for this sound, emotions may rise up.  Give yourself the space to play with your voice and discover sound healing for yourself!

Edgar Cayce predicted “sound is the medicine of the future.”  What if we have arrived in this future?  Sounds good to me….

Meditation – One Way to Begin

You know you need some quiet time to yourself. Turning inwards and not thinking so much sounds blissful.  But everytime you get comfortable, light some incense and close your eyes you feel like “it’s just not happening”.

I get it…the quest for complete emptiness or quiet is paved with shrieking gnomes and the entire cast of characters from my high school.  While I’ve worked through that and have found the abundant space where silence meets light, my day to day meditations are creative.  So when I turn inwards I use the static from daily life to go to work for me.

My personal meditations are a time for me to get to know myself even better, tuning into my physical and spiritual bodies.  I feel much more clear and true by giving myself something to do and allow my creative energy to unfold and expand.   Creative visualization allows my mind to have something constructive to take on, while my Imagination takes the reins and uncovers pockets of hurt or love or freedom that are waiting to be discovered inside of me.

Here is a simple visualization for you to try ~

Get into a comfortable position, either sitting in a chair or on the floor, lying on your couch flat or propped up.
Close your eyes
Take a big inhale and allow a huge exhale through parted lips; honoring making this time and space for yourself
Just breathe in and out 9 more times (or more)
Allow your body to show signs of becoming relaxed, notice your shoulders yawning, your toes may want to flex or your lower back may become more at ease

  • Imagine the silhouette  of your body
  • See it shining as 1 single color, maybe bright green like moss on a tree
  • Choose another color, maybe hot pink like an azalea flower
  • Imagine this second color moving into your silhouette from the top of your head
  • Slowly, watch the line where the two colors meet moving down your head, down your neck, cascading into your torso and into your arms
  • As the colors change, notice how your body is becoming even more relaxed
  • Your ribs loosen up, your belly feels comfortable
  • Watch the colors wash through your hips and begin to come into your legs
  • Take a moment to notice your legs, are they tingling? do they want to move or stretch a bit?
  • Let the colors move, inch by inch, down your thighs, through your knees, along your calves and finally pouring into your ankles
  • As the colors move through your feet, imagine the first color completely moving out of your body and releasing tension from your body
  • Look at your silhouette shining brightly with this new color
  • Breathe comfortable breaths
  • Allow a ‘Thank You’ to originate from your heart and send it to every cell of your body

There is so much to expand on from here!  You could do it again.  You could do it in reverse.  You could intend the color moving out to represent something you would like less of in your life, such as indecision.  What you are doing is creating more body awareness.  Try doing this exercise before you go to bed each night.  You may begin to notice at first what you hold on to and where you store it (sorry shoulders!).  Some of us ignore parts of our bodies (so many clients comment that they are not used to feeling their legs) and you will become more aware of them and how they serve you.  Just notice!

There are so many ways to meditate and things to do once you are “in there”.  Create your own practice in whatever way serves your sanity.  Play and do what feels good to YOU!


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