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Autumn ~ Integration

Autumn is time to continue to harvest all that we created this year.  Some of our dreams were strong enough to come through into reality.  Take a moment to look back at 2011 and see which of your dreams are now in your waking life!  Congratulations, abundant creators!  To continue with the flow of Autumn, we must also be conscious of the power of Integration.  The Tree of Life begins to lose it’s leaves, not because an opportunity was lost, but to break down it’s growth and pull it into the Earth.  The decoposition of our leaves, our growth, will sustain us in the coming Winter. 

Autumn visualization~


Imagine yourself as a tree, Cypress, Redwood, Oak, Willow, or something that only you can imagine!
Appreciate every part of you ~ your beautiful strong wood, shining leaves.  Is there fruit or flowers that you manifested?  Are there animals or birds that were magnetized to find shelter with you?  Let a giant THANK YOU erupt from your heart center and fill every part of you.
Now, begin to see your tree begin to change ~ dropping it’s leaves, seeds or flowers.  If you are an Evergreen tree, allow the wind to swish through you and remove any brown needles onto the the top of the Earth.
Follow the energy that has fallen from you to soak into the Earth.  While you will not bear fruit for a few more months, you are still nourishing yourself!  Watch as the dead leaves become absorbed into the soil and allow that energy feed the roots of your tree.

We are continually learning, creating and integrating ~ however when we connect with the seasons and mirror our vibration to the natural world, we find these exercises to flow more easily.  Play with Fall, appreciate your Autumn and integrate all that you have created!

New Private Series ~ Money, Sex and Power

“Connecting with your Creativity ~ Money, Sex & Power”

Unfolding Gold

Often we get stuck within the ideas of money, sex and power ~ Do I have enough?  Am I wanted?  Does anyone really see me? “Connecting with your Creativity ~ Money, Sex and Power” is three private two hour sessions focusing on clearing the energy in your Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. There is deep beauty within the first 3 chakras of our energy bodies; they connect us with the Earth and our families, bring our dreams into reality and are our source of physical and spiritual power.  We will dive into the core of potentially unconscious patterns that may be keeping you feeling as if you are unable to transform and thrive in these areas.  We will work with guided visualization to move the energy in your chakras, allowing you to own your money, sex and power and flip those cares into security, creativity and self-empowerment! 



Free Workshop Tonight ~ Increase Inner Peace & Harmony

FREE Workshop tonight!
Wednesday, August 10th from 7 to 9pm ~ 

Do you want more harmony and peace within yourself and in your personal and professional relationships?

Do you want to have a positive influence on others?

Join us tonight from 7pm to 9pm at The Marin Awareness Center:
1930 4th Street, Suite #1, San Rafael ~ there is ample parking on 4th Street!

Jenna Chandler, of Clarity & Connection, and I will be offering up simple practices and creative ways to bring about more peace in your life, from the depths of your magnificent Being to the relationships that surround you in everyday life.  You’ll start seeing results in your life right away!

This is the first workshop we are putting on together ~ we are really excited to share our new space with you!

Please RSVP so we can expect your presence and invite your friends along by inviting them to join the group and RSVP:…or email me at

Looking forward to seeing you and contributing to greater peace in your life!

Love and Dreams,

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