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High Priestess ~

I am part of a Circle of women committed to opening up more to the Divine Feminine.  These days are an oasis for me.  I rejuvenate on every level and crave the sweet silence woven with the sounds of our voices.  Unwinding hurt, unveiling strength through learning, sharing and guiding.  My renewed creativity was born in this practice.

High Priestess Thoth deck

Today we are working with the High Priestess.  As a Tarot reader for over 20 years, I’ve appreciated her power, her stance to accept all that is.

The High Priestess reflects light and has no fear of the darkness.  She works with sacred reflections; mirroring.  In meditation last night, I dipped into the open space, the channels, between Spirit and Soul to learn more about these reflections.  I saw that this sacred mirroring is represented in our DNA & RNA.

Through this active reflection, the High Priestess walked into my awareness as the Living Priestess.

Our bodies are the matter we confuse with total reality ~ this is her veil.  Yet the veil is not a dirty curtain that needs to be torn down.  This veil dances with Earth’s gravity and holds enough water in place that we have a body through which to grow and learn and create anew.

The High Priestess also represents our inner voice and inner vision.  We often blunt our voice when we sense something dark, or fear that our vision will only pick up dark things.  In our current culture, we still carry old ideas of what vision is.  In tribal times, there often was one Visionary who occupied the spiritual travel and sacrifices for his or her band of people.  We look onto these ancient holy people with reverence.

And yet their is a polarizing tension that resides in our sub-conscious.  We yearn for lives where spirituality is honored and nostalgically wish a Priestess or Spirit Walker was on speed-dial.  Yet we also resent that someone else “knows”. 

Inner Voice, Osho Zen deck

Many people try and break this spell by working with their clairvoyance and ultimately come across this left-0ver energy: Responsibility of Visions.

Your Vision, your Imagination, the Third Eye, is not living in those old times.  It yearns to have the blinders removed!  Not to know when every earthquake is about to happen or when love may be leaving us.  Our vision wants to be a part of our creative process, to dance every day with our desires.

Our Inner Voice gives guidance as we travel the River of Life.  It wishes to sing out your unique manifestation of the Divine.  A noose, a gag, our own hands need to be removed from our throats.  Our intuition needs more freedom, so that it is easy to distinguish from our fears.

If you open up to your Inner Vision, or Inner Voice, you do not need to take on the old responsibility of the tribe.  We EACH provide energy for this now.  Your clairvoyance is healing, not because you know all the answers.  It is healing because you are not lugging around blinders and limiting yourself.

The Living Priestess travels through our cells, through the veil and opens up all of our channels.

How will you open up to her?


The Cycle of Quitting

Hi!  This article came into my email today from Suzanne Monroe and I LOVE IT!!!! 

I have been delving into my own chemical make up of momentum and creation and trying to find the formula that will help other creative types get their sauce out into the world.  As anyone who is sensitive or creative will tell you, sometimes the hills and valleys of “doing it” are so steep they take your breath away.

Why I love this article is that Suzanne just lays it out there – people give up.  Over and over and over.

It’s not about fault, but looking at things with a bigger vision.  And some naked honesty about why you change directions in your life.

I hope you enjoy it! ~ Kim


The Cycle of Quitting

Suzanne Evans

Suzanne Monroe

There are two types of quitting:

1) Giving up

2) Walking away from something harmful or hurtful

I will be the first to tell you that business is messy and it can sting. I mean really sting sometimes, especially if you are sensitive like I am. Underneath this whip cracker exterior is someone who cares too much at times, so I often take things personally- someone leaves, someone doesn’t value your program or work and the really interesting part is… the more you serve the more that quit or complain. Phew. Breathe. It can be overwhelming. I am working on taking things less personal as it does not serve me or my clients, but it is a daily practice.

I get a bird’s eye view of – THE QUITTERS. I know some would say we should talk about the winners, but I must say I probably learn more from the quitters. The winners show up, suck up, cry, stomp, celebrate, and then rinse and repeat over and over. Every successful entrepreneur I have EVER worked with, mentored with, or been a colleague to has had the exact same formula.

The quitters are a bit more interesting. They are very creative and it is interesting where and how “quitting” shows up. Now remember the #1 reason businesses fail is people stop- yep-stop. I am thinking of writing a book on the quitters cycle because I have been watching when it starts to creep up on people and kick in. I think it would be useful for people to see a lineage of how it starts and how they might stop themselves, as well as see the difference between something needing to come to an end and just quitting.

It usually appears like this…

Second guessing ~ fear ~ blame ~ projecting ~ overwhelm ~ blame ~ action ~ (the quitting) ~ relief ~ second guessing ~ fear and over again

Fascinating, right? I am using it as a paradigm for myself to catch me and where I am falling into the cycle – you can honestly use it for anything- the gym, your business, a relationship, etc. So, I don’t want you to be a quitter…frankly, seeing people give up on their dreams daily can sometimes overwhelm me and blind me to the people actually living theirs, but I know you are out there. I know you are striving FInishLineand working and living your gifts.

Here are a few tips to stay in the game, even when you would rather throw in the towel:

1) Have a clear vision of exactly what you want – relationship, money, freedom, environment, and spiritual. If you have a clear vision in writing and in your view, it is harder to let that vision go or the dream die.

2) Get real. One of my mentors says… “It is simple, but it is not easy.” Success is hard work. No one ever won the Oscar, Gold Medal, Nobel Peace Prize, or Fortune 500 by half ass showing up. And don’t fool yourself….are you thinking you are working hard or are you spending a lot of time around thinking about succeeding and processing your next step.

3) Get good advice. The people around me won’t let me quit. I have surrounded myself with a circle of influence. I have a tribe of tough and loving go-getters. A friend and coach emailed me last week and said- “hold fast- we need your confidence. Don’t stop.” That made me cry as I was reminded people were depending on me.

4) Care. I know you have gifts to share. Your life experience has value and people are meant to be transformed by your connection and your talent. Care enough to keep going. Care enough to share and keep going.

If you do what you love and you love people while you do it there is no reason to quit. Stopping is not an option. See you at the finish line!

— Suzanne Evans

The Magic of Wings and Feet ~

Raven Medicine, by Kristen Holmberg

In our lives, magic appears every day.  Sometimes we conjure it up intentionally and sometimes, I believe, the Universe conjures it up to surprise us, shake us up or wake us up.

Last year, I was in the Grand Canyon for the first time.  Before we arrived and my mind was wandering

around in the car ride, I wondered if I would find a feather.  What animals lived near the canyon?  I wasn’t sure, but imagined a beautiful feather twisting out of thin air right in front of me.  I looked at my husband and said, “I hope I find a feather today.”  He recognized the smile on my face… it’s the same one that erupted during our honeymoon when I told him I would move the clouds over our hot tub so that we could see the stars.

Enter the Ravens ~

Ravens are enormous when you are used to seeing Crows.  Each one shines so black that you start seeing colors, so that some look emerald green and sometimes you will see one that you swear is violet.

They soared over the Grand Canyon and over our heads.  I remembered that Raven holds some of the magic of the inner child & the Great Mysteries.   Every one of them got my head to turn and unleashed my curiosity.  What message would a Raven have?  They were long used to deliver human messages between humans.  But what was the message they carried on their own?

I sent energy out from my whole being into the sky ~ Raven, I am listening.  Ooh, and the little girl in me wanted a feather.

During our lunch at a picnic area there were two Ravens hamming it up trying to get food.  Walking between tables, strutting around and showing off short flights and soft landings; waiting for the slow humans to give up some grub.  The family near us ended up giving a little chicken to one of the Ravens.  Unlike a Seagull (bless their souls) the Raven didn’t throw the food down its throat and start begging for more!  It walked over to its mate and put it in their mouth and then they pulled it apart and shared it.  Everyone eating lunch softened and let out a collective, “AWWWWW”.

It was after this that my sweet husband took off and walked away from the picnic area.  He told me later, he was hoping to find a feather on the ground for me.  Awww 🙂

We headed back out to the canyon’s edge.  This turnout had a little information station, a simple structure with a roof.  I began to read about water levels in the canyon over time and a big, black Raven landed on the roof.   I walked out from under the roof and stood below it.  A huge smile broke out over my face.

“Raven,” my mind gushed.

The Raven, The Tourist, My husband, Brad & Me. Photo was taken by my Father-in-Law, Rock – who was also captivated by the event

“Will you give me a feather?” my mind asked.

The Raven looked at me.  We stared at each other for quite awhile.  It became all-important to me that this animal understood me, so that I could understand it better and know its message.

I opened up my heart chakra and said out loud, “Raven, will you give me one of your feathers?”

The tourist next to me had been snapping away at the Raven with his camera.  He pulled it away from his face and tried not to laugh at me.

But I just stood there, my spirit becoming larger.  Maybe not larger, but more apparent and open than I am used to having it in public.  I didn’t care…I wanted to communicate with this Raven and not worry about a tourists’ view of my sanity.

The Raven and I, we waited each other out.  And I just stayed….open.  My husband came to my side to watch.

Suddenly the Raven lifted its left wing and began running its beak between its feathers.  Sharply.  Quickly.  Swiftly.  I never considered that a bird would need to comb its wings.  But of course, playing in the wind, wow, of course.

In a swift moment the Raven pulled one of its feathers to a 45-degree angle away from its wingspan.

I sucked in my breath.  Was the Raven going to give me a feather?  I was just hoping one would fall from the sky.  Was I actually going to watch the act of giving?

The Raven looked at me and then went back to the feather.  Plucked it right out, placed it on the roof and stepped on top of it.  My heart jumped.  The tourist put his camera down and his jaw dropped.  As my husband remembers it now, “I remember it being deliberate and feeling shocked.”

I felt all the cells inside of me fire, divide and live on.  Magic seemed to be running over my skin, behind my eyes and popping out of my spine.  My need to be understood flew away like a tattered sail.  Quietly, thoughts slowed to the pace of land and any messages the Raven had for me came in as an imprint.  No English.  No monologues.  Undefined.

The magic of this moment stretched out, as the Raven took a short vertical flight and the feather lifted off the roof and twirled to the ground in front of me.

I picked it up and said aloud, “Thank You.”  The feather was still warm.

Magic unfolds when we speak our truth, when we ask openly into the Mysteries of Life.

This story is not about getting what I asked for and seeing this feather as a thing that proves power or prowess.

I gave the Raven a pretzel afterwards,which it enjoyed back up on the roof.

We don’t know how everything’s going to unfold or end up.  We don’t know who will play along with us.  We definitely don’t know how long it will take to complete.

And this is living with magic in your life:  asking your real questions and letting go of self-judgment.  It is giving to others and walking into their magic stream.  Not counting on time or momentum.  Even letting go of meaning, especially when it allows you to feel more.

It is being comfortable that there is more to this worldthan meets the eye.  You knew it when you were 8.   Wake up, little Dreamer, there are thousands of us waiting to make magic with you.

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