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2013’s Motto: Laughter is Medicine

In December I tried to give myself the challenge of writing everyday on my blog. Writing every day wasn’t hard. Yet coming up with blobs of information that might be helpful to other people & showed a beginning, middle and end every day — that was challenging!

And so I failed – yay!!!!

Now’s a great time to question my commitment, wonder if I’m good enough, and fearfully look at what else I can’t do.

Koko looking at her self in a mirror.

Koko looking at her self in a mirror.

Well that’s absolutely NOT what’s happening. I’m just having a good laugh at how throwing some rules at myself without a plan was really wishful and kind of like making New Year’s resolutions.

What did work? I wrote a hell of a lot more than in November and the wheels are lubed up to write even more in January.

What I succeeded at? I’ve started to make writing a habit.

Yes, it’s about loving writing. Yes, it’s about being surprised when I read it all back to myself. Yes, it helps to listen to a little more music and not NPR all day. It’s strange to call making art a habit. Habits don’t sound sexy, but a habit is what I needed to break deeply into my writing instincts.

So, I’m laughing at myself for succeeding in a way I hadn’t thought of when I made my “announcement”.

Question: How have you surprised yourself lately?

Enjoying life with every turn,


Living in the Wow ~

“Living in the Wow” ~ This phrase popped in my head and keeps sticking with me.

I can feel it riding through my energy, not really landing…it feels like an answer, not an idea.

The closest I can come to explain it?   It’s what comes over me before gratitude.  Sort of like “Living in the Wow” is what happens and then gratitude is my reaction to it.

Today I am 39.  Tomorrow I am 40.

I couldn’t be more excited about this transition.  There’s a little bit of “Hey!  I made it!” and a little bit of ” Let’s re-calibrate what everyone thinks 40 is all about.”

Smiles seems to be erupting from deep within me and it’s a great feeling!

Tomorrow morning I am going zip lining in the redwoods and won’t have time to post here… so from my joyful heart to yours ~

Happy New Year’s Eve!!!  I hope the essence of celebration washes over you in a “Wow”!  Whether you are dancing all night long, snuggling by a fire, laughing in a hot tub with your clothes on, or asleep with the tv on in the background — live what’s true to you, do what makes you happy and drift in 2013 with an open heart!



pegasus and horses living in the wow


Full Cold Moon ~

Full Cold Moon ~

The stark stillness and wild storms at this time draws our energy inwards. Full Moon in Cancer with Sun in Capricorn asks us to find the light inside of ourselves while we are in the darker days.

December Full Cold Moon by Rogin Samiljan

December Full Cold Moon by Rogin Samiljan

The Full Cold Moon may seem like it is plucking out a lonely song of Winter. If you are feeling lonely, seek out the sunshine in the company of others. If you are joyful now, offer your hearth as a place to bring in someone else who is effected by the grey.

Through the blaze of the holidays and questions of what the New Year will bring we are often shown very clear pictures of how we are feeling about our life. Are we in right relations with our family and friends? Do we want to let go of something or create changes in our lives?

The light within us, our warm hearts, can guide us through these days and help keep cold self-judgement at bay. Let Capricorn’s talent for discernment reign, but not turn weakly into a list of mid-guidance.

Use the energy of this Full Moon to practice accessing your warm heart quickly, without waiting for Summer’s endless possibilities or for things to be perfect.

May the prayers you created during the Dark Moon be answered in the light of the Full Moon ~

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