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A Facebook Page for your Business? It’s not too mind boggling ~

Kaleidoscope Business Bits ~
Facebook for your Coaching & Healing business

The Do’s

1 – If you have a business, create a public page for it!Good-Morning-Love-12-ounce-Coffee-Mug
2 – Post at least once a day (though 3 is better!).
3 – Respond to comments and like comments that are left for you.
4 – As your business, like other pages. You’ll have a separate news feed and you’ll want to look at it every day. Make sure to like posts, share posts and make comments to show appreciation. You need to take the time to be a part of this community!
5 – Images are shared more often than just words, so if you took the time to write something awesome, add a photo to your post.
5 – Give credit to artists as often as possible!

The Don’ts

1 – Don’t be afraid to be yourself. People get bored with ‘perfect’.
2 – Don’t sell your services or mention your services at the end of every post. Snore.
3 – Don’t share every business post to your personal page. Your family and friends love you, but they don’t want to see all of that. Your fb business page is about connecting with your bigger tribe.
4 – Don’t take it personally if family and friends don’t take the time to like your business page!
5 – Don’t get pouty if you discover some is ‘doing what you’re doing’ – this is a good thing! Like their page & share their stuff. Isn’t it relieving you’re not the only one who thinks the way you do?
6 – Don’t spend your life on Facebook 🙂

There is so much to learn about social media and I’m no expert. I have noticed that having my fb page for Kaleidoscope Spirit ensures that I direct energy to my business every morning and that’s a huge part of owning your own business. Your clients aren’t going to float into your office from the nether regions of the Universe!

People ask me, “Is it worth it?”

My 2 cents? Yes, it is. Having a fb page for your business is like having a business card – people expect it now. Beyond that, it’s a great way for people to connect to you for free. You become like a little extra honey in their morning coffee.

As a coach, we work a lot in reaction to our clients needs; they really form our work. Having a fb page (just like sending articles to my email list) keeps me connected to what is moving ME….and sharing that with this community helps me work out what’s moving around in my mind.

As healers on fb, most of us enjoy being able to just be ourselves. Talking about stars, the moon cycles and energy every day expands our life experience into, dare I say, the realm of normality. There’s a huge journey of self-acceptance that is sewn into a healer’s life. Going on line is another avenue of coming out of the shadows.

Well, that’s a lot more than 2 cents of opinion for this morning!

What’s your experience with your business page?

Happy Monday!

My Challenge for 2013 – Learning Sanskrit!

Solutions and Salutations!

Yes, I’ve been told that learning a musical instrument or Spanish might be more useful, but I’ve decided learning Sanskrit is my challenge to myself this year!

'Sanskrit' in Sanskrit

‘Sanskrit’ in Sanskrit

In 2012 I experienced an extreme case of anemia.  While my hemoglobin and hematocrit scores are all up, I must admit, that my memory took one for the team.  (Body – check, Good moods – check!)  It seemed to me that losing memory function at 39 was probably normal and that I just had a better memory than most, so I just noticed it going.

Ooooh noooo, my doctor shook her head at me!  No, 39 years old is too young to be experiencing memory loss, she told me.  Turns out that memory loss is a symptom of anemia.  And as all of my good friends can tell you, I made quiet a few jokes about my memory changing last year.

Honestly, it’s not just my memory with dates or names or what to get at the grocery store.  There’s also been things like finding myself staring at all of the kitchen cabinets and wondering what I was doing there…and then realizing I really wanted to be at the hall closet to get a new towel.

On December 31st, I turned 40 & I have plenty of more years with this brain… So!  Learning Sanskrit is my way of working my brain in new ways.

Sunday was my first class and we went over the alphabet, pronunciation and beginning to write.  It was great!  My mind, hands and tongue all worked together and at times ran in opposite directions.  Learning languages as an adult is so much more fun for me than learning was as a kid.  I can get a good laugh out of myself instead of thinking about tests.

I love that I’m learning something so old, but I can only rely on my modern experiences for things to make sense.  For instance we were learning the sound na (which has a dot under the n) and sounds like gna or gnn-yah.  I was really messing it up and the teacher said, “you know like at the end of sing”.  I tried again, but realized that when we say bring, sing, etc those end a word, so my mouth was having a hard time putting that sound at the beginning of a word.  Then I thought, “Gnocchi”!  Oh, I’ve been saying that all my life!  And then I had it 🙂   Thanks, Grandma Grace (my Italian grandma).

What feels the best right now, is that I took a problem I was having and applied the solution in a very ME way.  Although maybe it’s not a surprise that I’m a out of the box healer?

Stumbling with Grace,

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