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Working with the Good ~

Divine Life by Cristine McAllister

Divine Life by Cristine McAllister

The past week has been HUGE.  So many good things are happening!  I noticed that my body was having the same reaction as a time of crisis – less sleep, super charged energy during the day (adrenaline and cortisol) & laser focus coupled with a spotty memory.

Yet because there was no negative emotional component (like when you’re worried about a loved one’s health, an unexpected large expense, arguments, etc.) it took me a few days to realize that my body was running on so many natural uppers.  I was cruising on abundance and love.

After the 3rd night of only a few hours of sleep it occurred to me that I was in a spiritual growth spurt that didn’t hurt, but was still requiring me to adjust my container.  How was I going to allow SO much positive awesomeness to run through my life without flipping my body response to hyper-drive?

What’s worked so far is grounding even more energy than usual below my body and into the Earth.  This helps me not feel “top heavy” with light.  At times I’ve need to make my grounding cord (the light from our Root Chakra to the center of the Earth) as wide as a semi-truck.

Have you ever had to change your personal energy practices to allow for large amounts of goodness?  I would LOVE to hear what you did for yourself!!!

Sending giant possibilities your way!

That Weird Feeling of Love ~

letter with ink and purple featherLove is in the air. Whether you are in juicy-can’t-think-straight love or where-is-my-beloved? love ~ it’s difficult to not be in assessment mode during Valentine’s week.

The commercials, the dinner reservations, the loud flower displays at the grocery store. Even for those of us who are shacked up….how can we not fall into comparison? After stomping our feet at the commercialism of our sacred feelings – there is something we can do to use this energy!

Write a love letter to yourself. Open, loving, honest, sexy and poignant. You are the only who will see it. So often, we do not explore the positive feelings we have for ourselves.

I know! It’s cringefull to think about. Please, sit on the idea for a few hours….let it sink in. Then grab a pen (or pencil or watercolors or paint!) and paper….

Allow the silly feelings & the sad feelings bubble to the surface. I promise that within the awkwardness also resides beautiful feelings that are yearning to be let out.

Take a risk for love today. Be brave and write a letter to the person who will be with you every day of your life – You.

From my heart to yours,


The Growth of “YES”

Tree color painting copyWe use our power to hold ourselves back, to contract from pain, to prevent hearing negative feedback from other people. These muscles get developed from all of the effort we put into “NO”.

How much effort do you put into “YES”? You may clench your jaw, grunt or break out into a sweat..and that’s ok! Your “YES” muscles might not get used as much.

Every choice we make adds to our growth. Our power responds to to the requests of our minds & hearts. Hide from pain – you got it! Throw caution to the wind – how far?

What if we experiment with saying “YES” more often in 2013? What if we become equally strong in our response to life?

Wouldn’t self-care boundaries be easier? Wouldn’t taking bold moves with our life purpose become easier?

I think so! Let’s play together and see!

Enjoying Life at Every Turn,


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