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Unleash the Love inside of You ~

  1. Each day is here for us to uncover more about ourselves, reach out to each other and unleash more love into the world! We might not get to drop all of our defenses in one day – that can be freaking scary 🙂

    But what if we nudge our hearts and ask of ourselves ~

    Sharing Jar, Kristen Holmberg

    “No matter what comes my way or how I feel, I want to FIND OUT who I am if I unleash more of the love inside of me”

    There is love swirling all around us and we can always open up to more of it. Yet, as I look around my community and the world, the biggest untapped resource of love is quietly and patiently waiting inside of each of us. Covered with loneliness, self-doubt and blame is the beautiful, throbbing light of love. Does it ever feel like that to you?

    Instead of waiting for love to come our way, we can uncork some of the stuck love inside of us! What in the world are we waiting for anyway?

    Sending a huge round of applause and a standing ovation to your thriving life!


Walk Your Talk ~

Have you ever timed how long it takes your mind to stop talking to you?

It takes me about 10 to 15 minutes ONLY when I am out in nature.  When I sit down to meditate there is bigger range of 5 to 30 minutes.

If I am working, at home or running around with errands – it’s pretty constant.  In fact, I am almost certain it is constant with a maybe 30 seconds of random pausing!  Even my mind needs to take a breath?

We are all in varying stages of wanting to identify our authentic voices and releasing negative talk.  These processes require conscious attention to our inner conversations.

How can we help this process along?  Begin to notice how much “input” you are receiving each day.  How much do you listen to the radio, the news, watch tv, cruise around the internet, talk on the phone with friends?  Each of the activities add to our lives, but they also fill up our space with more words.

Balance the input by taking “input breaks”.

*Take walk and leave your cell phone at home (or at least don’t hold it in your hand!)
*Art projects – painting, beading, sculpting with clay can lead to some of the most healing and quiet hours of your life

For me, taking my “talk” on a walk is the simplest way to move past the chatter and bring balance into my life.  And my dog, Boo Radley, is always by my side making me laugh.

To your thriving life!

Holding onto Sand ~

On Monday I had the most beautiful conversation with friend and mentor, Sharon Crawford. I was able to move the cobwebs from my next step and envision the spiritual and practical path for bringing my next dream into reality.

Then came Tuesday…sometime in the morning as I began to go over my next steps, a small push of “give up” nudged my stomach. I was surprised. Did the procrastination and doubt always start with the lightest touch? The way to not be seen landed onto my energy body with the sound of dragonfly landing on the water.Instead of grounding it out, I took some time to look at it and find it’s source.

You know what I found? At the source of this experience was NOT self-sabatoge, self-doubt or family karma.

It was just my mind. My mind doing what it loves to do – running through possibilities.

My feelings about the possibility that my mind was showing me? Now that was the feeling of the let-down. My body’s response was, “No, giving up is not the right move”.  Maybe the self-judgement slips in there?  Why did my mind look down that path?  A point of conflict perhaps, but it’s really discernment and course-correcting – not self sabotage.

Of course we all have patterns that are ready to be let go of and growth spurts that feel ungraceful (to put it mildly!). We are human and here to transform and change.

If we need our Yes! to remain vibrating at the highest level for us to BELIEVE in ourselves – it is like trying to hold a handful of sand….the tighter we squeeze the less we end up with.

I’m still in the middle of all of this and have no big platitude to share or fix any of us.

There is this question – Can you continue to believe in yourself while your emotions ebb and flow?

To your thriving and flowing life!


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