*Happy Summer Solstice*

It’s important to take some time today outside and be in the sunlight!  Feel the the Sun’s warmth and light upon your skin and it’s rays going deeply into your bones.  Did you know it takes approximately 8 minutes and 20 seconds for light on the surface of the Sun to reach us on Earth?

A simple meditation today could be sitting outdoors with your eyes closed in the sunlight and opening up your third chakra, the Solar Plexus – which is considered our Inner Sun.  Allow these two suns to calibrate and renew your energy.

Today is a fantastic day for rejuvenation and nourishment.  There are countless ways to honor this!  It’s as simple as eating fresh food, dancing on the beach, playing with friends or taking a long hike.  Oh, and laughter!  Even if you are enjoying today with your own Divine company, find time to laugh ~ it’s medicine for your Spirit.

Summer is a time of ripening.  All of the intentions we put forth in Winter took root and sprouted in the Spring.  They are now the fruit of your dreams need to ripen.  While Summer is an easy time to create, we do not need to be forceful… everything has already been set into motion.  Just as you know to pass by those early blackberries for a few more weeks… allow your dreams at this time to enlarge and ripen.

To support all of you busy Dreamers and Creatives, I’m launching Summer School for Your Soul ~ a 5 week program designed to nourish your inner world.  It will begin on July 15 and I’ll be sending out sign up details soon!

The relationship between the Sun and the Earth is the foundation for life as we know it.  We are far enough away that our oceans remain liquid and do not freeze, nor dry up from being too close.  The early radioactive gases have given way to beauty almost beyond belief.  That we get to be a part of this world where a whale, a chamomile flower and a lion all exist together is a magnificent blessing!

With love and light,